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Unilabs provides a rapid fit-for-purpose bioanalytical service for in vitro and in vivo discovery studies

What we offer

We provide high-quality bioanalytical data and scientific guidance to support non-regulated studies, and offer a broad selection of in vitro assays, designed and validated to meet your requirements.

Unilabs provides a full metabolite characterisation service from early discovery in vitro experiments to late development radiolabelled studies

We provide data and knowledge to clarify key biotransformation issues in order to impact chemical design, compound selection and drug development strategies and regulatory submissions.

Customisation of every project

Our dedicated project managers are your ambassadors within Unilabs. They also help tailor the project to accommodate all your needs and external demands – so you get exactly what is required.

Compound Characteristic

We provide data and knowledge to clarify key biotransformation issues 

Unilabs offers complete bioanalytical support for the entire development process from discovery through to post marketing trials, for small and large molecule candidates

  • We provide a full method development or transfer service including method validation, with study plans designed to satisfy the latest regulatory guidelines.
  • We support fast turnaround (e.g. first into man) studies as part of our routines
  • We operate a one study per instrument scheduling policy for LC-MS/MS systems, to optimise instrument performance and method reliability
  • Easy transfer of compound to next stage, as we cover a wide service offerings, including immunoassays, molecular diagnostics, flow cytometry, histopathology and medical imaging

You can find our latest uploaded version of Technical Capabilities here. Please always contact us at for more information.

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