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Companion Diagnostics

Commercialization of precision diagnostics

We offer a flexible model for support of precision diagnostic that can be modulated to fit the needs of the different markets for support.

When developing new precision diagnostic tests, the Dx/Rx partnership is a well-established paradigm. We propose the addition of the Lx, the laboratory CRO.


What we offer

  • A rich toolbox of CDx-relevant technology
  • An exceptional menu of services supporting clinical trials, diagnostic development and commercialisation
  • Intimate knowledge of local testing standards and regulatory requirements
  • Speed and efficiency in method development and transfer
  • Competence in navigating logistical challenges throughout Europe and North America
  • With more than 210 laboratories in 15 European countries we can support market access of both central and localized testing of new precision diagnostic tests into European market.




Europe’s leading CDx provider

Our End-to-end Service Model

Our end-to-end Service Model

Comprensive Cdx solutions for EUROPE and beyond

Overview of our services

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