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Unilabs is a preferred Laboratory Partner to the pharma industry in Molecular Diagnostics – and a leader in precision medicine testing for therapeutic drug monitoring.

What we offer

Unilabs has a broad range of experience in providing services within Molecular Diagnostics. Examples include – but are not limited to:

  • Cross-functional collaboration between our high level experts in Lausanne and the GCP (Good clinical practice) team in Copenhagen
  • Services within research of mutations associated to genetic diseases or syndromes, pharmacogenetics, oncogenetics, and personalized treatments
  • High-throughput DNA sequencing by NGS technology provides a high level of detection sensitivity and confidence
  • Flexibility in the variety of samples types (fresh, frozen, FFPE, fine needle aspirates (FNA), smears, etc)
  • Simultaneous screening of multiple genomic aberrations like single nucleotide variants (SNPs), insertions/deletions, copy number variations and gene fusions
  • Expertise in cell-free circulating DNA analysis (NIPT and liquid biopsy)
  • Regulatory consultancy in relation to method validation
  • Six geneticists, two medical geneticists, two onco-haematologists, and teams of highly specialised technicians
  • Equipped with the latest technology for molecular diagnostics in Genetics and Cytogenetics (NGS, CGH-array, Sanger-sequencing, fragment analysis by capillary electrophoresis, real time PCR)
  • Easy transfer of projects via our dedicated project manager between centres of excellence, with a wide service offerings, including immunoassays, molecular diagnostics, histopathology and medical imaging
  • Management of centralised and de-centralised Companion Diagnostic (CDx) testing and global, customised logistics
  • Customisation of every project – no matter the number of patients. This ensures you get exactly what is required for the project without unnecessary expense



Molecular Diagnostics

Equipped with the latest technology for molecular diagnostics 

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