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How does Unilabs stand out as a company?

Two words: CARE BIG.

In 2017, Unilabs made a decision to concentrate the passion and attitude of the employees that sets us apart from the other diagnostic companies. The result was our Mission, Motto, and Mantra (MMM):


Mission: To be the center of all effective treatment decisions
Motto: We give you answers that help to provide care
Mantra: CARE BIG

It is unequivocally our CARE BIG Mantra, which is what makes us Unilabs.

CARE BIG reminds us that high quality in diagnostics depends on the people who make the wheels spin. That is why we support our teams for better well-being and demand innovation through our strong CARE BIG culture and the four Culture Building Behaviors (CBBs) that we have introduced in our workplace.


• Put yourself in the customers' place
• Bring out the best in each other
• Try something new
• Make a difference

CARE BIG and our Culture Building Behaviors help to promote our focus on customer needs; they are the center of what we do, and it is the people who depend on us to make effective decisions. CARE BIG reminds us that our ultimate goal is not just to handle samples, but to find answers that can help improve people's lives.

CARE BIG is more than just a mantra: it is integrated into everything we do across the company. All crucial business decisions are evaluated in relation to Unilabs' MMM, and each year Unilabs employees are encouraged to make a CARE BIG promise that will make a difference, not only for themselves but also for the entire Unilabs Group, as well as for our customers.

CARE BIG means willingness and initiative to go the extra mile when we know it's the right thing to do. Every time we CARE BIG, it is something very special - it makes a concrete difference for colleagues, customers, and patients.

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