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We have specific experiences and capabilities relating to a large number of therapeutic areas.


What we offer

Unilabs has a broad range of experience in providing services within Haemophilia. Examples include – but are not limited to:

  • Pre-clinical and clinical experience within Haemophilia
  • Strong scientific network within Haemophilia
  • Experience with, and validation of, analytical methods connected to coagulation factors, a.o. FIX activity, FIX protein, FIX Inhibitors
  • Routine coagulation testing, e.g. INR, PT, aPTT
  • Optimising routine methods to measure in the outer-end range if clinical interesting
  • GMO approved laboratory facilities • Method development and validation according to regulatory guidelines
  • Easy transfer of projects between different Centres of Excellence (CoE) via our individually assigned project managers. CoE’s include immunoassays, molecular diagnostics, flow cytometry, histopathology and medical imaging
  • Management of centralised and de-centralised Companion Diagnostic (CDx) testing and global, customised logistics
  • Customisation of every project – no matter the number of patients. This ensures you get exactly what is required for the project without unnecessary expenses

Testing of coagulation factors, among others FIX activity, FIX protein and FIX Inhibitors

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