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Meet the Team


Business Development

  • Jakob Gjørret
    DVM, Ph. D., Managing Director, Unilabs Danmark
  • Peder Andersen
    Business Development Manager, Serving Pharma Partnerships
  • Dale Shelton
    Dale Shelton
    Director of Business Development
  • Angus
    Angus Nedderman
    Head of Metabolism and Discovery Services
  • Ian Smith, Managing Director-Operations, York, UK
    Ian Smith
    Managing Director-Operations, York, UK
  • Stephen Clarke, Head of Commercial Development, York, UK
    Stephen Clarke
    Head of Commercial Development, York, UK

Project Managers

  • Kristine Bøje Carstensen
    Kristine Bøje Carstensen
    Head of Serving Pharma Projects
  • Lone Dam Petersen, Serving Pharma, Unilabs
    Lone Dam Petersen
    Project Manager
  • Mette Grønvald
    Mette Grønvald
    Project Manager
  • Brian Juel Pedersen
    Brian Juel Pedersen
    Project Manager

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